Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Displaced Anger

Don't we all feel like that every once in a while! some more frequent than others:))

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anti Stress Duck!

I don't know about you but this video made my laugh no matter how angry I was. So, here it is. Enjoy!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Scream Therapy

I made some research on this subject because, for me at least, screaming is a very good stress release that I'm doing more or less instinctively.
The importance of screaming has been known for a very long time and all around the globe.Take for example the Kiai. The "battle" scream that you hear in all Chinese movies when people are fighting. The Kiai is not made to impress the viewers. It represents the the force of the spirit and it is released in the moment of a decisive attack. Kiai may also be used as a weapon. I found this video on YouTube that, i believe, it will explain it better than I can.

You never knew your scream can be that powerful, ha? Well, it can be.
Leaving aside screaming as a weapon, let's focus more on its therapeutic applications. As far as I read, screaming can be used in two different situation:
 - as a momentarily stress relief or
 - as part of Primal Scream Therapy
Primal Scream Therapy started from a book written in the '70  by Arthur Janov.  What this therapy does is make the patients re-experience suppressed childhood pain in the attempt to eliminate the hold that the trauma has over the adult.
Personally I never tried it so I couldn't tell you how efficient it is but a good strong scream from the bottom of your lungs when you feel you can't take it anymore, that really helps.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Whack Your Boss Game

For those who don't know it yet but also for those who already do, this is a nice game to play and steam out when you're stressed at the office.

This is just a youtube video, if you want to play the game you cam find it here
Other versions of this game include "Whack your Ex", "Whack your Computer", "Whack your Teacher" etc.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Please shout your anger and frustration after the beep: BEEEP……

Who I am is totally unimportant and what I will post on this blog is even less. The most important person on this blog is you. The reason I made this blog is not so I’ll tell you things you probably already know but to create a space in which you can release your suppressed anger, frustration, stress, and all those things that keep you up at night and make you jumpy and edgy.

Did it ever happen to be so frustrated at work that you felt like locking yourself in the bathroom and scream from the top of your lungs? Or to be so angry with your other half that you felt like exploding but still chose not to say anything about it and kept it inside while it ate you alive?

Well, now you have a place to spit it all out and not have to think about the consequences because you are protected by anonymity. The comments don’t require you being logged in your account; they don’t even require your name. We are all “Anonymous” here.

A word of caution though: while I’m not going to ask you not to swear because I know it’s very therapeutic, I would like to ask you to mask somehow the bad words – put an extra letter in it, a special character, etc. Swearing in a different language doesn’t count. Google knows all languages. 

All I can say is: "Enjoy Banging your Head Here!"